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Business Development Support

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Business Development Support

Subsidized loans for university graduates with agribusiness projects

Do you have a business project in agribusiness and you don't know how to finance it?

University graduates have been provided with an opportunity of securing a subsidized loan to invest in agro-based businesses. The National Employment Program through BDF implements the agribusiness investment facility targeting University graduates
The scheme supports University graduates with new start-up projects and existing ones with less than three years in operations
The package provided to viable agribusiness projects is made up of the contribution of 10% of the amount requested from BDF, a grant of 30% and BDF convertible shares of 60%. The ceiling of the loan amount under this scheme is 10,000,000RWF given at an interest of 12%.
Projects that can be financed through this product should fall in the following categories of agribusiness:

  • Aquaculture projects
  • Modernized livestock and agriculture farming
  • Horticulture
  • Agro processing projects

If you are interested and eligible, please contact BDF or your nearest Employment Service Center for more information.