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How To Apply

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How To Apply

How to write a cover letter?

A cover letter is a letter sent alongside your CV and other attachments to introduce yourself and explain why you are sending in the application. It also provides more information about yourself and your motivation for the job.

Make sure your cover letter is:

Designed for the specific job opening

  • Adapt the letter to the needs of the job you want
  • Refer to that job in the opening sentences

Describing your related skills

  • Tie your experience to your skills
  • Show how they directly relate to the job description


  • Address the letter to a specific person/employer (the receiver mentioned in the advert)
  • If you have a contact, use the contact
  • Use a comma after the name (eg.: Dear Ms Xx, Dear Mr Xx, or Dear Hiring Manager,)

Interesting and convincing

  • Keep in mind that readers go through the contents attentively
  • Open with an attention-grabbing sentence
  • Describe why you are the best for the job

If you are registered at Kora jobportal, you can save a cover letter example, but do not forget you always have to re-write it and adapt it to every vacancy! Never use the same letter twice!