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Business Development Support

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Business Development Support

Equipment loan for cooperatives of craftsmen operating in Integrated Craft Production Centres-CPC (Agakiriro)

Are you a cooperative operating in an ICPC and you don't have enough money to buy modern equipment?

The scheme was put in place to address the challenges of ICPCs/Agakiriro operators who are in need of modern equipment. The scheme provides a maximum loan amount of 100,000,000RWF which is given at an interest of 11%, and is paid back in 10 years based on the life span of the machine. For cooperatives to benefit from the scheme, they must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant should be based in ICPC/Agakiriro or has MINICOM recommendation
  • To be among these 4 sectors: Carpentry, Welding, Tailoring and Leather
  • Applicant should have valid legal personality
  • List of members/shareholders of cooperative/company and copies of their National Identity Cards
  • Loan request letter addressed to the CEO of BDF
  • List of machines and specifications (preformat invoice with Carriage and Insurance Paid)
  • Viable Business plan with detailed need assessment and source of finance
Is this something for you? For more information please contact BDF or your nearest Employment Service Centre for more information.