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Employment Service Centres

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Employment Service Centres

Employment Service Centres

Employment Service Centres are a crucial instrument in organising a transparent and functioning labour marketplace and enabling the demand of labour to meet its supply.

The Government of Rwanda has designed policies and employed a considerable effort to combat the issue of unemployment through the establishment of Employment Service Centres in Kigali (KESC); Musanze (MESC) and in Huye districts (HESC).

The centres have the mandate of addressing unemployment and underemployment by linking jobseekers and job providers. They also provide information for decision making in career planning, training on job search strategy and other counselling support that could result into job placement.

Besides Public Employment Service Centres, there are a number of private employment service providers in Rwanda, who do offer employment services as well. They also strongly support the matching of jobseekers with potential employers by connecting them to temporary or permanent employment and internship opportunities in the labour market.

You will find more information about the existing Public Employment Service Centres and their services on the left side of this page.

Some of the private companies, who do offer matching online services and recruitment services in Rwanda include:

Job in Rwanda

NFT Consult

Right Seat


NOTE: RDB is not responsible for the content of the mentioned websites. This list of matching and recruitment service providers might not be complete.