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Business Development Support

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Business Development Support

A guarantee scheme to enable you access finance from financial Institutions

Is your business project lacking sufficient collateral security in order to secure a loan?

Business Development Fund provides a guarantee to viable and bankable projects with insufficient collateral security to enable them access finance from banks, the scheme can cover/guarantee your business project up to a maximum of 75%. Youth and women with good business projects are encouraged to benefit from the scheme. For you to benefit from the scheme, you should fulfil the following:

  • You should be a client of a Financial Institution which has entered an agreement with BDF on implementing the guarantee scheme
  • You should have a viable business project
  • Your business project should be an income and job generating one
Are you interested? If yes, please contact BDF, a nearest BDF branch in your respective District or a nearest Employment Service Centre for more information.
Eligible candidates: Youth, Women and People with Disabilities