Training Tips

Get helpful tips on how you can build your skills through online learning

How build your skills?

To be able to compete on the global labor market including freelancing/digital jobs, you will need to constantly build and update your skill set. You can learn and increase your skill by:

  1. Taking online courses from different trusted and accredited training sources/platforms such as coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Edx, and many more.

  2. Linking up with Rwandan training centers and facilities such as KLAB, Impact Hub, etc..

Freelancing is not free working

Due to the nature of work and competition all around the world, being a freelancer you will even need to invest in yourself to succeed. There are no free things in this case. All you need to earn a decent income is to prepare and equip yourself with the right and on-demand skills and get ready to compete on a global level.

As a freelancer you will need:

  • To set clear and attainable learning and up-skilling goals i.e. they can be relevant courses or training you need to take and complete
  • To follow through your goals by holding yourself accountable by being disciplined, and setting up regular studying pace, avoiding distractions such as wasting time on social media and so on.;
  • Times, you will even need to financially invest in training and online courses as not all courses are free.

Why enhance your skillset?

In the current global labor competition trend and with the ever-changing nature of work, as a freelancer, you will have to keep up-skill to meet the demand on the digital labor market.

For example, on freelancing platforms such as Upwork with the big competition, it requires top level and trending skills to get jobs on it. It will cost freelancers a strong commitment to learning and self-discipline to keep building those skill sets.