Get answers to frequently asked questions about digital jobs and testimonies from Rwandan successful freelancers

What are digital jobs?

All jobs which can be searched, performed, submitted and paid online without the physical meeting between client and freelancer. Examples include web, mobile and software development, design & creative, writing, translation and many more. 

Why digital/freelancing jobs?

Digital jobs offer potential jobseekers a wide room of opportunities; chance to search for clients all over the world, working from anywhere at any time and being paid online.

Who is an online worker/freelance?

Any person who uses the internet and skills to find, complete and submit jobs to earn an income.

Why is the Rwandan government involved?

The government makes huge investment in the ICT sector through various initiatives such as covering broadband internet across the country. It now calls Rwandans especially youth to make use of the possibilities and opportunities brought about by ICT to address challenges such as unemployment and underemployment.

What can you find at Kora online information portal?

On this portal, you access information on top digital job platforms, trusted training resources and hands-on guidance on how digital labor markets can work for you too. 

What are the minimum conditions to work online?

All you need to have is professional skill (s), working knowledge of English, and an internet connection.

How can I discover scum jobs?

On this portal, exclusively trusted and top digital job platforms are listed and the jobs on those platforms are genuine. A general advice is to never go for a job that requires you to make any payment to get it. 

How will I get paid?

Before entering into agreement with a client, you will need to choose a withdrawal method secure and suitable to you from digital platforms i.e. supported by your home bank/financial institution. Examples include VISA, Wire transfer and Payoneer. 


Hear from successful Rwandan freelancers

Freelancing has been a great start of my entrepreneurship journey.I got to work with people from all over the world with different culture and access to opportunity not available locally.

Jean Pierre RUKUNDO

As a freelance translator on Upwork, I have been able to connect with many clients around the world. It has been an opportunity for me to connect, work and earn an income.