A new way to work and earn an income from wherever you are

One of the remarkable changes driving today’s society is the digital transformation; digital technology is transforming business processes and models, organization activities and enabling ease connectivity between people residing in geographically different places. This transformation has resulted in multiple opportunities.

One of these opportunities is the on-going change in the conventional way of work; where geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier but rather an opportunity to work from anywhere at any time and earn an income. Thanks to the internet.

According to Upwork – one of the top freelancing platforms, over 12 million people (both clients and freelancers) are registered. Clients post a different kind of jobs with the nature to be performed and delivered online such as web, mobile & software development projects, design & creatives jobs, writing and translation jobs, marketing and so on. On the other hand, freelancers from all over the world bid, perform and get paid from their home countries without meeting with their bosses physically.

Other freelancing platforms working in this same model include freelancer, guru, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and many more.

What are the requirements?

Whether an individual or business freelancing can be your potential way to work and earn a decent income. To start in this career, you need at least four things:

  • An in-demand skill (s) e.g. be a software programmer, designer, writer, etc.
  • Have regular access to the internet
  • Have a good working knowledge of English since it is the medium of communication
  • An account in a bank that supports online payment.

With those, you can join one of the recommended freelancing platforms/websites by registering and seizing the opportunities and clients available.

How does it really work?

This new model of work offers multiple benefits including the ability to get a wide range of job opportunities from different clients and more freedom and flexibility.

You can be at your home, office, a coffee shop or at a public space facility such as KLAB, National library etc. provided that you have an internet connection and willing to seek job opportunities and ready to pursue them then, joining one of the recommended freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr and many more will be your first step.

Once you have joined these platforms successfully, wrap up your hands and start bidding for jobs, work and get paid.

Through these platforms:

  • You get job offers with requirements matching best with your skills and experience
  • You can send proposals, get selected and perform on the work
  • You will get paid through your preferred and supported online payment such as Payoneer or skrill.

How to prepare?

With the dynamic nature of digital jobs labor market where more and diversified demand for new skills is prevalent, as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you will need upskilling to continue to increase your competence. According to Stephen Kasriel of the World Economic Forum(WEF), to meet up the needs for the future of work recommends that rethinking education and providing people with more freedom and flexibility of work can guide to positive results.

The internet not only provides access to freelancing job opportunities but also presents a perfect way to build new skills through online learning.

To build right in-demand skills you will need to:

  • Prioritize building your skills in your professional development plan
  • Take online courses from recommended learning platforms such as Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, Alison edX and so on.

It is true that digital transformation is leading the on-going digital economy, bringing numerous opportunities to people especially youth to find jobs, perform them and earn an income online. As much as this new model of work is promising, it should be noted that this labor market is even more demanding in terms of competition hence requiring a life-learning skills development in order to stand out, work and earn a decent income.