About Us

Know about digital job opportunities, prepare to work and earn a decent income.

About KORA digital information portal

KORA Digital Jobs Information Portal provides you:

  • Access to information on trusted digital job platforms;
  • Resources and materials to boost your skills and increase possibilities of succeeding in the online labor market;
  • Guidance and practical information on how to succeed on digital job platforms.

Why Rwanda is involved?

Rwanda aspires to become a knowledge-based economy and achieve a middle –income status by 2035. To achieve this, the Government of Rwanda invests hugely in the ICT sector, which creates an effective platform for knowledge creation, building productive skills and competency needed on the global labor market; a prerequisite for the realization of a knowledge-based economy.

In this context, The Rwanda Development Board (RDB), with support of the German Development Cooperation, has set up the KORA Digital Jobs Information Portal. The portal aims to provide you access to all relevant information on digital/freelancing job opportunities, training & skills resources, practical guidance to work and earn income.

What are digital jobs?

Digital/freelancing jobs are all kind of jobs that can be searched, performed and paid online i.e. without any geographical limitation or need for physical contact between a client and freelancer. This means you can work from Rwanda and have clients all over the world.

Examples include but not limited to:

Web, Mobile & Software Development

You can work as a web designer, an android & iOS developer, software developer, etc.


You can write for clients; articles & blogs, resumes & cover letters,edit & proofread documents, write academic & technical contents, etc.


You can provide general or specialized translation services e.g. medical translation, technical translation, etc.

Design & Creative 

You can do logos, audio & video production, animations, scripts, etc.

Why digital jobs?

The digital revolution fueled by the development of ICT solutions is providing various new opportunities. One of these is the on-going change in the conventional way of work; where geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier but rather an opportunity to work from anywhere at any time. Thanks to the internet.

There are many online platforms where freelancers from all over the world can present themselves to the online market.

For instance, Upwork: one of the top freelancing marketplaces has over 12 million registered users from all over the world and of which over 40,000 are Kenyans. They use the platform to search for decent income opportunities, connect with employers, work and earn income from wherever they are.  

Despite this trend, at the moment only a few Rwandans are registered on major online freelancing platforms such as Upwork or freelancer since it is a new labor market place for many of us. Therefore, the Government of Rwanda is bringing digital job opportunities closer to you, starting by providing essential and practical information on this kind of work.

You can, therefore, join the rest of the world to get unlimited income opportunities in this new rewarding model of work.

What is expected?

Through this initiative, it is expected that awareness of the digital job opportunities, training resources for building top productive skills will be created which will result in:

  • University students will have the opportunity to get information on trending skills and be able to prepare ahead of time.
  • Freelancers; individuals and companies will be able to get information on job opportunities, work and earn a decent income
  • The end goal will be to create economic opportunities, contribute to the reduction of unemployment and underemployment.